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Why the emotional coach?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Well, the true story behind this is quite simple.

My journey to coaching started when I experienced my own personal growth journey through Gestalt therapy. I will always be fond of my therapist and the transformation she facilitated and witnessed. I spent three years meeting weekly with her, until I moved out of the country. I was, then, faced with the outstanding reality of a new set of tools I had acquired and a great self-awareness, just without her weekly support. It was an enjoyable time for me.

From there, and knowing that the opportunities at reach of my work title at the time, were not what I wanted to pursue in the future, I started to wonder: how can I help others in the same way I was helped?

Three years later when we moved to London I found the answer and the place to fulfill that dream, and I registered into Animas Center for Coaching.

The training consisted of different modules, each one focusing on a different aspect or psychological perspective to support the transformation of others through coaching. It was during those practice sessions with my colleagues that I started to see myself in the role that my therapist played for me years back.

I was given the feedback that I always paid attention to emotions and that my interventions felt calm, soothing.

That clicked for me.

Of course I paid attention to emotions. We are emotions. We embody them, and when we are aware of them and know how to navigate them, we change, grow and learn.

So, at the end of the training, in my coaching final project, I introduced myself as "the emotional coach".

As I continued practicing coaching I realised that, in order to support my clients through emotions, I needed to get more tools. Instead of stopping a session or saying to a client "this is something that you might benefit from talking about with a therapist", I could offer the support that is needed at the time.

I decided to undertake psychotherapy training, which I'm in the midst of doing.

I believe that coaching and therapy go hand in hand. They do in my practice.

The work that I offer goes towards the client interest, setting goals or exploring current challenges.

I will not set the agenda.

I will hold whichever emotion we encounter.

Working with the emotional coach does not mean that we will talk about your childhood and cry.

It means that I will welcome you and whichever emotion you are feeling, and that we can look at it together, if you find it of benefit.

Let's embrace change together, shall we?


The emotional coach

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