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What coaching is and is not

Hello there,

I've started to use the website bidvine, which gets requests from people looking for coaching, and I was so excited. Will I get clients?

Well, same old same old, I'm seeing that the supposedly accurate leads, as opposed to using google ads or facebook ads that sound to me like a sledgehammer to crack a nut, are indeed people that think they know what coaching is but they don't. And they're not to blame, I wonder why bidvine treats the same a request for a plumber than a request for life coaching...there needs to be some kind of assessment.

That is kind of what I'm offering, for free, as a 30-minute free introductory coaching session, so we can get to know each other a bit, I can hear what's on your mind, what you're looking for, and I tell you what I offer.

I am offering the experience of me having learned what the coaching process is and encompasses, I am offering a safe space (as safe as the online setup can offer, that means that if you want to run away from the screen I cannot stop you, but hopefully we are able to create a relationship in which you do not feel the need to run away before, during or after our session together). I am offering a non-judgemental space for your personal exploration and growth. You might not understand what this fully means until you experience it, that's ok, there's always a first time.

BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE, coaching is not receiving advice from me, coaching is not about paying someone to make your troubles, your emotions and your worries away.

Coaching is about:

  1. Let's define a contract taking into account what you want to do. And this means a reality check, not a "yes, I'd like to become someone I'm not, but because I'm paying you you need to get me there"

  2. Let's start working together. You have a brain, you are a human, and that means two things: you are right the way you are, however circumstances can become challenging and second, you have a brain, hence you are able to make your own decisions and get a grip of your life. I'll be there, but the philosophy is that the agent of change is yourself.

  3. Let's ask uncomfortable questions

  4. Let's see at how you're feeling

  5. Let's be curious about what's going on for you

  6. Let's check where we are and adjust our work to get you there, whichever million times we need to re-define what "there" means to you

  7. Enjoy your new awareness and your grounded and powerful "new" you

Let's embrace change together, shall we?


The emotional coach

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