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How do I work? An example

Let me tell you this, there is so much noise out there, so many people “ready to help you”, that it can feel like a daunting process to find who’s right for you.

I am not here to tell you that “I know what you need in your life”, you know that because you’re a marvellous human being already. I am here to help you go deeper in self-exploring, to work in collaboration with you to make decisions and to go further.

The way I work is by using traditional coaching techniques, that means, certain frameworks or exercises but most fundamentally: asking questions. Questions that you might or might not want to hear, questions that will stir your thoughts and emotions. And just to give you a little bit of context, coaching comes from philosophy in its origin, and no wonder why! Socrates used to solve problems by asking questions. That’s how old coaching is.

The difference between me and other approaches is that I pay attention and will offer to work with your emotions, whenever that comes up naturally, don’t worry I’m not there to make you laugh or cry, just to go along with whatever happens to you at that time.

Two quick examples of this, so you get to see the whole picture: if you are not taking an action that you would like to, chances are that there’s an emotion down there stopping you. Is it fear? Shame? Guilt? I might then ask you to describe that emotion to me, how you are experiencing it, and continue working from the awareness that the emotion is there, we might do more or less work from here depending on how you feel. Just having the awareness of it, might be enough. The basic thing is looking at it from a compassionate perspective so you can accept it and…move on. I’m not saying suppressing or rejecting, just the opposite of this.

Each and every question I ask you during a session is optional to answer. If you do not feel like answering, well, let’s explore that.

So, that’s a little example of how I value emotions and the knowledge that they bring to us.

I qualified as Transformational Coach and decided to continue training as a counsellor and therapist. I am living and experiencing both ways of working and creating my own approach.

Let's embrace change together, shall we?


The emotional coach

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